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Kathmandu Lumbini Tour

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Kathmandu Lumbini Tour

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Lumbini tour is ideal for you if you are looking for real peace and spiritual enlightenment. Lumbini is the birth place of Lord Buddha, the follower of peace and compassion. It is 21 km west of Bhairahawa and 330 km south-west of Kathmandu. This is a pilgrimage site for Buddhist and reverence for peace lovers of any religious faith throughout the world.

Kathmandu Lumbini Tour is a spiritual tour. Lumbini Package from Kathmandu is a visual aid to life of Buddha and the Buddhism. This is a Buddhist pilgrimage tour. Lumbini holidays display a great archaeological triumph of mankind. There are 62 archaeological sites in Lumbini region that exhibits different events in Buddha's life. The tour also visit four important religious sites of Lumbini. These are Lumbini development zone, Kapilvastu, Kudan and Ramagram stupa.

Kapilvastu's Tilaurakot palace where Buddha spent 29 years as prince Siddhartha. Kadan is first monastery built to house Buddha and his followers. Ramgram is only unearthed Buddha relic stupa. Similarly, Sagarhawa and other important sites relate with Buddha. It is also possible to customize this tour as a day tour by flight from Kathmandu and Pokhara. Also possible to combine this Buddhist circuit tour with Pokhara and Chitwan tour.

Lumbini Tour is not only for spiritual enlightenment but also for happiness. Moreover, it will give you something about Buddhism. Buddha is the light of Asia, the apostle of peace, compassion, non-violence and common brotherhood. Lumbini is a sacred historical site in the world. Hence, this is a must do trip once in a lifetime for Buddhists.

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