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Lobuche East peak climbing

Lobuche East peak climbing

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Lobuche Peak (6,119 mt / 20,075) soars above Lobuche village to the southwest of Mt. Everest. Its first recorded ascent was in 1984. It is one of the most thrilling and challenging non-expedition summits in Sagarmatha National Park. As the closest ‘Trekking Peak’ to Everest it offers unequaled views of the world’s highest mountain. The mountain lies just west of the main Everest Base Camp route and can be done as a few days excursion from this popular trek. Lobuche Peak is often scaled by Everest climbers as a warm-up summit before attempting the highest peak in the world.

To be precise, Lobuche has two main peaks, Lobuche West and Lobuche East. They are linked by a ridgeline of about 2 km. The western peak is more technical and challenging and is actually considered an expedition peak rather than a ‘Trekking Peak’. The eastern peak is the goal of our climb and the summit is reached by a south ridge route.

Along the way you will experience magnificent scenery including continuous mountain views. The highland terrain with a spectacular array of snowy mountains, remote Sherpa villages and elegant Buddhist monasteries will be unforgettable. The summit offers an astonishing view of the surrounding peaks and beyond into remote valleys in Nepal and Tibet. Lobuche Peak is technically straight forward and can be attempted by all comers, even people without mountaineering know-how and experience, and we will brief you on the use of equipment. Still, it will be demanding and should be attempted only by people fit and acclimatized to high elevation.

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