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30 very important TIPS for successful Base Camp Trek in Nepal

1) Book your flight at least 15 days earlier in the peak season
2) Understand that Lukla flight can be diverted to Ramechhap Airport in main season
3) Wear proper clothes
4) Wear proper boots
5) Protect yourself from sunburns
6) Bring waterproof garments
7) Bring headlights
8)Bring some multi-vitamins
9) Expect flight delays in mountain flights
10) Eat Enough
11) Carry water purification tablets
12) Know the weight limit of Lukla flights
13) Bring your Thermos
14) Bring hydration salts
15) Avoid meat as possible
16) Always walk in your own pace, Do not hurry, doesn’t matter to be last in the group
17) Stop for a minute, start for 5-10 minutes, again stop for a minute, start for a 5-10 minutes
18) Always keep positive mental attitudes although things are not going as per your expectations
19) Always check the weather forecast although it doesn’t matter 100%
20) Have a best guide with you
21) Use better lodges
22) Buy insurance in case of emergency evacuation
23) Bring a solar powers and extra battery with you
24) Stay organized everyday
25) Do not rely on ATMs, carry enough cash with you
26) Always respect the local culture
27) Choose the right season to the trek
28) Do not forget your daily medicine and Carry some first aid yourself
29)You can carry some of your favorite books, cards etc.
30) Enjoy your trek as much as you can
30 very important TIPS for successful Base Camp Trek in Nepal

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